Kamui Black

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Kamui Black

List Price : $24.95

Our Price : $21.75

Saving : $3.20

100% Japanese 10-layer pig skin leather. Because of Kamui's unique production process, their cue tips maintain high porosity, allowing for better chalk retention and less mis-cueing. Each layer of a Kamui's tip is carefully laminated to create uniformity and high performance--higher than the industry standard. Designed to allow players to put more spin on the cue ball with less effort, Kamui Black cue tips get their color from a special tanning process that leaves the leather moisture-proof and increases its elasticity without interfering with its porosity.


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  • 100% specially selected 10 layered pig skin.
  • Higher porosity.
  • Humidity resistant.
  • Reliable cue speed with the benefit of maintaining cue ball balance.
  • Higher consistency using the Kamui™ Black tannin process.