Bar Box Pro Shaft (13MM)

Full 14 Inch Pro Taper

Made 100% in the USA at
the Meucci Factory
In Mississippi!

List Price : $290.00

Our Price : $246.50

Saving : $43.50

*Customization of Collar design, length change, tip change or millimeter are not returnable, unless for unambiguous manufacturing defect.

Please Note: Though plastic wood to wood joints have a better balance and more action, only cues with stainless steel joints have interchangeable shafts without a lip. Plastic and Wood joint sizes vary (Viking, McDermott, Meucci and Pechauer, etc), due to the sanding and finishing process.

Most customers are happy with the standard joint size, but if you have a digital caliper you can provide exact specifications of joint size. Please use inch measurement.

Meucci : Bar Box Pro Shaft (13MM) - Specifications
  • The BARBOX Pro is a new high performance shaft that is standard the Skyler Woodward Cues and is available for any other brand as well as having this shaft custom made with a matching collar on any of your Meucci or BMC series cuesMade to withstand Bar Room play of breaking an running out with the same cue.

  • Unlike all other “high performance” shafts. This shaft is as low effective deflection as other more expensive Low Deflection shafts, but is a full 13 millimeters and has a full 14” Pro Taper like all standard Meucci cues and all other brand copies of the Meucci Taper.

  • This shaft is .5 oz lighter than the Black Dot Shaft and will shift the cue's balance more to the back of the cue.