Meucci test5

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Meucci Gem-3

The Meucci Gem-3 Cue Cue is a breathtaking design by Bob Meucci! Production will be limited to only 250 cues worldwide. These cues will have engraved numbers in the butt, the Bob Meucci signature logo and will hold long term value to the collector.

The Meucci Gem-3 Cue is made with 24 real Turquoise chip inlays; not "reconstituted" or imitation. These are actual stones placed in deep cut cavities.

It has Power Piston Technology of the butt for astounding power and accuracy and comes with one of Meucci's unsurpassed 35-layer low-deflection Black Dot Bullseye laminated shafts. The Meucci shaft standard is 12.75mm. Upon request, 12-14mm is available.

The new Meucci Gem-3 cue will come with Bob Meucci's true signature engraved at the bottom of the cue!

The forearm and buttsleeve are imitation ivory colored with repeated inlays of black, white and turquoise.

The wrap is a Eurothane Coated Black Irish Linen but can be purchased with an uncoated wrap if desired.

It comes with the Everlock adjustable weight bolt system.

This cue is a Budget Cues exclusive and only 250 will ever be sold.

Budget Billiards Supply Meucci : Meucci test5 - Specifications
  • Tip: New 5280 RLT (red line tip) made by Tiger 13mm 7 layered pigskin   tip
  • Ferrule: Ivorene-3 fiber linen
  • Shaft: 29" hardrock maple, 13" pro taper, brass insert