Schon Pool Cue


Cue Comes with a Shaft

Note: Stains and veneers may vary in color.

List Price : $1,065.00

Our Price : $852.00

Saving : $213.00

Extra shafts (made of wood) take approximately 2 weeks to match design and size. Carbon Fiber shafts take approximately 4 weeks.

Schon Pool Cue : CX03 - Specifications
  • Tip: 13mm proprietary backed tip, hard (similar to Water Buffalo tip)
  • Ferrule: Proprietary "Schon" brand, developed to hit like ivory
  • Shaft: 29'' long with a 10" to 12'' pro taper, hard rock maple
  • Collar: (shaft & joint): Black proprietary plastic with a nickel silver ring
  • Joint: Polished stainless steel, piloted
  • Pin: 5/16" 14 pitch, stainless steel
  • Forearm: Stained birdseye maple with six floating cocobola points and six diamond shaped synthetic granite inlays outlined in cocobola (colors of synthetic granite will vary) *Synthetic granite is a man made stone like material proprietary to Schon.
  • Rings: Three alternating ebony and ivory rings each enclosed by two nickle silver rings, often referred to as "Balabushka rings"
  • Wrap: Irish linen, black with white specs
  • Sleeve: Birdseye maple with six diamond shaped stone inlays and six "V" shaped cocobola inlays
  • Plate: White proprietary plastic
  • Bumper: Black rubber, and is secured by a screw which threads into the weight bolt in the bottom of the cue